Saturday, December 6, 2014

a review from Cindy G of Enchanted Circles

A couple of months ago, I asked a few people to read the book for some feedback before we published. here is one of the few mini reviews of the novel.
Enchanted Circles is a magical and intelligent adventure, rich in content and intricate imagination.  Paul Medina effectively created a world of characters that I quickly became attached to and found myself rooting for their success.  I’m struggling to find the proper words to describe a story set in present day, but that has a vintage feel that transports you to different worlds that inspire prolific thoughts.  While fantasy/adventure/imagination is my preferred genre of book, I was impressed by the depth of this book’s intelligence.  In summary, it was a smart, imaginative and did I mention fun, read!  The only thing I didn’t like was when it was over.  I wasn’t ready to quit reading it yet.
I fell in love with this book.
-Cindy G

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